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The Republic = Our Republic

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Friday April 14, 2006 16:24author by iosaf mac diarmada .:. ipsiphiauthor address I am presently in the darkest south of Spain. where Hoods carry crosses of stolen silver for phone 0034 636 105 231 Report this post to the editors

.:. Liberty .:. Equality .:. Fraternity .:. require Global Peace & Justice

Today Good Friday 2006, marks the 75th anniversary of the declaration of the 2nd Spanish Republic.

In its short life it brought hope, inspiration, creative solutions, the values of fraternity, liberty, equality to countless people who had lived in near feudal conditions through dictatorship.
It's "firsts" were many-
free education, free health care, over 50% of the arable land organised in autonomous collectives, the first parliamentary representation by anarchists, the first political radio broadcasts, the first Catalan & Basque republics were declared as an associate component within it's state architecture.

All too quickly it fell, as the first victim of European fascism.
we may never forget this Republic & it ought inspire every Republican today
The .:. Republic & Republicanism - Today as 75 years ago - ideology  worth fighting for.
The .:. Republic & Republicanism - Today as 75 years ago - ideology worth fighting for.

The first state whose cities' civilians were daily bombarded by the Italian airforce for Mussolini and by the germans for Hitler.

The first towns which were dive bombed by Hitler.

The first scene of the War between fascism/nazi-ism and Stalinism-marxism.

The first democratically elected leaders of states to be executed.

The first camps of "prisoners of a civil war" who were used as slave labour. Even today Franco lies in a tomb behind Madrid hollowed out of the mountain by our ideological forebears.

The 2nd republic was an ideal for many not just in the peninsula but globally.

It brought hope to libertarian socialist who had become disheartened by the emergence of Stalinism and the beginning of totalitarianism and exiles from Russia. It brought activists, intellectuals, artists, from the USA to Russia from France to assist its birth and the ambition of its project. And all too often only the soldiers who came to delay her death to a coup d'etat are remembered...

Let us remember the inspiration and not just the war which began 70 years ago this year

& thus is the heritage of millions of ordinary Spaniards and Catalans and Basques who's forebears proudly built, sustained and fought for the Republic - in times of peace and war .

And accordingly there are many who yearly still celebrate the 14th of April and look forward to the establishment of the 3rd Republic.

And fair play to them. & all honour & nobility.

The values of Fraternity - Equality - Liberty
of ethical governance, of autonomy, of PEACE
do not spring up out of the ground.

Indeed Democracy does not spring up out of the ground.
The rights to equal suffrage regardless of socio-economic class, gender, or creed in a secret ballot are European rights.
They are rooted in the arguments of Greek sychophants and intellectuals, who never allowed their wives, concubines, slaves or migrants the same rights.
They have roots in the declaration of the rights of man of the French Revolution.
They share roots with the constitution of the USA.
They have some roots in the equal decision making traditions of the Calvinist and Presbytarian and other dissenting christian faiths.
They have their roots in the collectives of the first humans who sitting around their cave fires found common purpose and expression in the first co-operation.

They owe more than ever will be given its fitting memorial to those men and women of the First International and those of the 2nd Republic who yet again called for -

The Universal right to participate in your society and the decisions which effect it, without prejudice or hindrance on grounds of Race, Gender, Creed, Socio-Economic Class, Ownership of Property, and _in secret_.

Again and again, those rights and those who profess them have found themselves in conflict with the interest groups of power, be they heriditary, class based, miltary, police, and more recently commercial media or corporate financial.

And not a one of us .:. may forget the XIX century condemnation by the Roman Catholic Church of liberalism, which was again copperfastened during the 2nd Republic, which saw Franco's dictatorship and that of Pinochet blessed, and the socialist partisans tradition of Italy damned. I am at time of writing in the darkest south of Spain, where the orchards of Europe are farmed by the cheapest African labour, whilst daily Crosses, Crucifixtion scenes, Blessed Mary's of a legion names cast in Gold and Silver robbed from the South Americans, paid for by the rich land-owners of huge estates to buy their entry to heaven and even now are carried by hundreds of so called penitents in a display of fascist religiosity in the masks we associated with the worst elements of Western Cultural supremacism. For the night they wear no shoes and carry a small part of a one tonne burden. Whilst during the day the same estates and orchards are farmed by Africans without shoes.

The Democratic contract, between state and people, between institutions of state and government and the "estates" of any nation or state, be they military, church, media, academia, or civil service, police, trade unions, political parties and social assembles, must never be taken for granted.

Nor is the only expression of Democracy found on "ballot day" when the enfranchised are called to poll.

Nor is the only expression of Democracy found when the corporative opinion poll & market research companies stop 1006 people to take stock of humanity.

The expression of democracy must be found every day, if it is to remain in any good health. Its expression relies on the rights of man, as articulated in the French Revolution and First International and United Nations charter of Human Rights.

Freedom of Expression.
Freedom of Association.
Freedom of cultural indentity
are amongst the most important.
As so April 14th is the Republican's day.
As is Good Friday.
As is Easter for the Irish.

The men and women of 1916, of 1798, of 1931, were at essence the same as the men and women of 1936.

In most recent times (we have as social assemblies in Europe) moved to define in _de facto_ terms if not _de jure_, additional rights of "civil disobedience" and "democratic dissent".

We will continue no doubt, to do so.

The values of Democracy, of Liberty and Equality and Fraternity are threatened when any of the estates party to the state or nation exert imbalanced and undue power.

These values are undermined by militarised societies, by unchecked police forces, by xenophobic political parties which move against migrants or minorites on ground of creed or race, by trade unions who do not properly represent the interests of their workers, by media owners who attempt to monopolise public opinion and stiffle or limit public debate or manipulate public opinion.

Democracy is about much much more than voting once in a while.

It is more than saying "yes" or "no", in our high technological society of today it is also about "abstention" and "participation".

Democracy is about learning and teaching the values of participation in society. From the smallest communities to the largest international stages.

Democracy is a system of values, a constant search for dialogue, a constant re-affirmation of the Rights of Mankind.

It is my opinion that the anniversary of the 2nd Spanish Republic is a fitting day to again urge all in the estates of society-
Military, Church, Media, Academia, Civil service, police, trade unions, political parties and social assembles, to continue to listen to each other to respect each other, to recognise that any modern society is a tapestry of cause and effect, injury and gift, hurt and understanding. To never again stifle the emergence of democracy at the most basic level, the farm, the street, the factory, the school-room.

To again SHOUT - why are our orchards of Europe, of Spain, the origin of the Irish table's fruit farmed by Africans without shoes?

Together we must teach the next generations, so that together we move, for we must all realise that our democracies are imperfect as many argue the 2nd republic was. As indeed were the democracies of the ancient greeks, as was the republic of Rome, as was the time of the First International when the majority of Europeans did not vote on gender or class grounds. Together we must realise our democracies are "emergent".

And there are forces which have not changed much in centuries or even millenia who oppose our struggle, who are our enemies, who even now seek to use or language and steal our symbols, and in thier sickening displays of fascistic power undo our work today and our work tomorrow, and the inheritance which is ours.

Our role in social assemblies and as media collectives ought be to help that future libertarian democracy emerge, to give substance to the ideal. & in so doing curtail the threat of monopolised commercial media and opinion.

Our role is to balance the damage done in the name of free speech to the minds of the next generation for whom the "firsts" be they good or bad of the 2nd Republic mean nothing.

= Happy 14th April !


historical info in english-
the declaration of the republic on the abdication and self imposed exile of Alphonso Bourbon (grandfather to Juan carlos Bourbon)



they fought to give the farm working peasants shoes. & today the africans have none.
they fought to give the farm working peasants shoes. & today the africans have none.

They died for shoes. for freedom. they tortured them, mocked them, and crucified them.
They died for shoes. for freedom. they tortured them, mocked them, and crucified them.

author by rabbi ipsiphi - just start by telling them to fuck off.publication date Fri Apr 14, 2006 19:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Of course I don't want all the good people of Ireland flocking to the Spanish embassy protesting about the Africans without shoes in the orchards of Europe. Oh no. Because Africans are just like us, and as soon as they get a bit of money after collecting grubs, they buy shoes. and work up to expensive ones too.

You can tell how well off someone is, by how many pairs of shoes they have and how expensive those shoes might be. The only thing I am glad to report on this Good Friday who killed Jesus and Cock Robin and the Republic? meta-blog to the peers of indymedia from beyond the frontiers of yet established indymedia land is that today there are lots of people who wore hoods last night, and have lots of shoes who now have fresh fungal infections on their paws and trotters. I must admit to nursing the suspicion that the same Mafia who expelled the Sephards (who gave me a little hat to wear to this corner of the world) in 1492 just to top of expelling the Moors (who had thoughtfully taught them about water-wheels, irrigation and mathematics), are those who topped off the shock horror end of Corleoni!!! knife edge win in Italy . They are the same global mafia who ensure Africans stay cheap labour despite holding as national resources useful stuff like grubs, oil, and gold [which as we know is edible] - "well edible" .
They are the mafia who killed Cock Robin, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Elvis and Abel and everyone from 1916 except De Valera coz he was a mafiosa, and Eva Gore Booth coz the Mafia are snobs and she was a girley.
They are a devious bunch of f*uckers and the best thing you can do is keep it simple so as to fight them.
* kill your TV.
* reclaim your street.
* accept no masters.
* don't vote.
* no borders. no frontiers. the right to work for equal wage for everyone.-(forget the papers they're a mafia thing)
* water for everyone.
* vaccines for everyone.
* grubs for everyone.
.:. @ + * no property on ideas, genes, or human genius = no lock & key

It has amazed me to see that in this corner of Europe where the precarious Africans are now on unpaid 10 day holidays whilst their masters do penance in the hoods, a corner which still honours Franco and his coup d'etat as salvation, that the plaques of the dictatorship have never been removed. The public schools and the public housing still bear the plaques. we killed reds, masons, anarchists, socialists, foreigners, trade unionists, the swp, bolsheviks, catalans, basques, neighbours so as to give you a school, you are blessed and need not know who killed Jesus

Now, that Mafia did not avoid Ireland. oh no. Ye know that. the Mafia are obsessed with one of their greatest coups ever - the murder of Jesus and the culture industry which it spawned right down to this day and Dan Brown.

anyone feel like putting up a photo of Haughey?

.:. @ + * no property on ideas, genes, or human genius = no lock & key

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