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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 19 2006
01:00 AM

Black Brain Radio - Preview

category dublin | arts and media | event notice author Friday January 06, 2006 14:30author by pat c Report this post to the editors

Garrett Phelan
Black Brain Radio
89.9fm (Co. Dublin only)

Preview: Thursday 19th January 2006, 6-8pm at Temple Bar Gallery


Monica Cullinane - IMMA
Patrice Molloy - IMMA
t. + 353 1 671 0073
email: press@imma.ie

Claire Power - Temple Bar Gallery & Studios
email: claire@templebargallery.com
t. + 353 1 612 9900

Black Brain Radio is an unconventional and innovative radio artwork created by Irish artist Garrett Phelan with Temple Bar Gallery and Studios and in partnership with the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). The transmission will be broadcast around the clock over a thirty-day period from 19 January 2006 to listeners within the greater County Dublin area on a frequency of 89.9fm. In addition, Black Brain Radio will have the capacity to reach a wide international audience through its dedicated on-line presence, located at http://www.garrettphelan.com/now.htm from January 19th 2006.

The project will be further extended by two gallery installations at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios and the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). Phelan’s Black Brain Radio is a continuation of his most recent large scale drawing projects, which explore the processes through which ideas or values enter into society. In a similar manner to the drawing projects, the listener is presented with an onslaught of regurgitated information, in this instance, reprocessed through the artist’s voice presented as a series of confusing, disjointed, sound works. Black Brain Radio provides the listener with the opportunity to access through their own radio the core of Phelan’s current practice, which is an exploration into the ‘formation of opinion’.

Gallery Opening Hours:

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios:

Tuesday - Saturday
11.00am - 6.00pm

Except Thursday
11.00am - 7.00pm

Irish Museum of Modern Art:

Tuesday - Saturday
10.00am - 5.30pm

Sundays/ Bank Hols

Related Link: http://www.garrettphelan.com/now.htm
author by art loverpublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 16:44Report this post to the editors

Gary Phelan got a job working for the Hendricks Gallery when he was still at college. He used to talk about it so much that people began to refer to him as Gary Hendricks.

Later he got another job working at the Temple Bar Gallery. He was thereafter referred to as Gary Hendricks-Temple Bar.

He became such a figue of fun in the Dublin artworld that many art students who worked in the Post Office over Christmas as sorters used to redirect mail which wasn't properly addressed to him. I think in 1988 he must have received a couple of hundred Bank of Ireland calendars from me alone, all addressed to Gary Hendricks, Temple Bar Gallery Dublin 2.

I presume he had no idea what was going on...

author by pat cpublication date Fri Jan 06, 2006 17:06Report this post to the editors

True Artists always suffer under the onslaught from Philistines. At least Gary has gained some recognition without having to cut off an ear.

author by Philly Stienpublication date Thu Jan 12, 2006 17:08Report this post to the editors

Recognition? What does this mean precisely? Does it mean that he can exhibit meaningless scrawls on the windows of the Civic Offices while other people are prosecuted for painting political slogans on walls, and posters advertising public meetings are torn down?

He can set up a "safe" pirate radio station, or do some obscure collaboration with the free state army that amounts to a tape of the same bit of morse code being repeated over and over again in a darkened gallery?

This is what the guardians of culture allow us plebs to have our taxes spent on, all this while there isn't even a bus that goes to IMMA (so if you've no car then you can walk or stay home) and there isn't a statue of Patrick Pearse to be seen in Dublin.

author by pat cpublication date Thu Jan 12, 2006 19:03Report this post to the editors

i love a good rant.

Transport to IMMA:
How to get there
Museum Entrance on Military Road

By bus: Buses to Heuston Station (5 minutes walk via Military Rd): 26 from Wellington Quay; 51, 79 from Aston Quay; 90 Dart Feeder Bus from Connolly and Tara Street Stations to Heuston Station.

Buses to James St (5 minutes walk via steps to Bow Lane onto Irwin St and Military Rd): 123 from O’Connell St/Dame St; 51B, 78A from Aston Quay.

By car: 10 minute drive from city centre. Unlimited free car parking.

On foot: Approximately 30 to 40 minutes from city centre.

By train: 5 minute walk from Heuston Station; from Connolly and Tara Street Stations by 90 bus to Heuston Station

By Luas: Red line to Heuston Station, 5 minute walk to Museum entrance on Military Road.

author by Phillypublication date Mon Jan 16, 2006 15:56Report this post to the editors

Pat C- if you can do any of those "five minute" walks in five minutes then you're as fit as a butcher's dog. Most regular people would take at least fifteen minutes to get from the LUAS stop at Heuston to IMMA, and they'd have to negotiate a very busy road to do it.

People with mobility difficulties? Older people? People with small children? No Chance.

Q: Why is there no proper public transport link direct to IMMA?
A: Because they don't want poor people to go there.

author by pat cpublication date Mon Jan 16, 2006 18:55Report this post to the editors

"Pat C- if you can do any of those "five minute" walks in five minutes then you're as fit as a butcher's dog. Most regular people would take at least fifteen minutes to get from the LUAS stop at Heuston to IMMA, and they'd have to negotiate a very busy road to do it. "

i think not, i've done it in less than 5 minutes. admittedly others would take longer. there are such things as pedestrian crossings.

"People with mobility difficulties? Older people? People with small children? No Chance. "

i'm not aware of any public transport services that guarantee delivery to the door of cultural institutions. IMMA does not decide transport policy.

"Q: Why is there no proper public transport link direct to IMMA?
A: Because they don't want poor people to go there."

utter nonsense, imma is engaged in outrach programmes and widely advertises its programmes.

as i have pointed out above there is a good transport service to imma.

author by pat cpublication date Mon Jan 16, 2006 19:04Report this post to the editors

Heres some info on IMMAs Education & Community progs, contact details at end. you can also get more info at:


"The Community Programme aims to develop opportunities for people to engage with contemporary visual arts, both as an audience and as practitioners. The Museum provides a range of options, including guided tours, workshops, talks, discussions and studio visits, all of which can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular group.

The programme is structured as an inquiry-based experience, providing a range of opportunities for people to look at artwork, meet the artists and make art in response to those experiences. Participants are invited to view and discuss the artworks on exhibition and meet artists to discuss the conceptual basis of their work. In the workshop sessions, they can also explore art materials, tools, techniques, values, interests, experiences and their own ideas. Each element provides a different perspective from which to view and engage with artworks and the context in which artworks are made. "

"Schools and Colleges Programmes
While the Museum caters for the needs of all groups interested in using the Museum as a resource, it has developed a number of programmes and projects intended to address the needs of specific groups, such as schools and colleges.

During the academic year, IMMA invites teachers and tutors from pre-primary, primary, secondary and third-level schools and colleges to bring their class groups to IMMA any time during opening hours. Teachers and tutors can also book a specialised tour and/or gallery talk and arrange for their class group to meet artists on the Artists’ Work Programme."

To contact the Education & Community Department please tel: +353-1-612 9900 or email: ed.comm@imma.ie

Families are invited to avail of a range of Museum programmes, such as guided tours, gallery workshops, talks, discussions and studio visits. Other resources, such as the Response Room are also available to facilitate a family visit to the Museum.

Explorer is a family programme which provides an opportunity for children and adults to explore selected artworks together. Families meet IMMA Mediators (gallery staff) and/or artists who facilitate both adults and children as they respond to their experience in the galleries through the use of dry materials (pencils, coloured papers, fabrics, etc.). Family groups are welcome to participate in Explorer from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, every Sunday from 2 October - 4 December and from 22 January - 9 April 2006 and 23 April - 11 June 2006. Booking is not required and there is no charge. The number of participants is limited to 35 so arriving early is advised.

For further information about Explorer please contact Mark Maguire email: mark.magurie@imma.ie or contact the information desk email: frontofhouse@imma.ie "

The Museum provides opportunities for young people to engage with the visual arts through its general programme of guided tours, workshops, talks and artist visits. The Museum also provides opportunities for young people through the development of capacity-building projects in collaboration with youth agencies.

The Youth Programme is based on a commitment to work with young people in partnership with youth agencies at both a national and local level. To date, this programme has been developed nationally through partnerships with the National Youth Service Board, the National Youth Council of Ireland, Youthreach and Youthstart and, on a local level, with youth workers in a variety of youth work settings, community training workshops, youth clubs and youth projects. The current programme has been developed through support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Irish Youth Federation.

A half-day introductory programme for youth workers. This programme is open to youth workers who are interested in learning about the Museum and how it can be a resource for their group. The programme involves an introduction to the Museum – its staff, facilities, programmes and resources - guided tours of selected exhibitions, and opportunities to meet artists on the Artists’ Work Programme."

The Older People’s Programme encourages older people throughout Ireland to play an active role in the life and work of the Museum and in contemporary visual culture. IMMA has developed this programme through partnerships with organisations, such as Age and Opportunity at a national level, and with active retirement groups at a local level. The Museum has worked with a core group, St Michael’s Parish Active Retirement Art Group, Inchicore, out of which models for the Older People’s Programme have been developed. This group has participated in workshops, held a number of exhibitions, curated their own exhibition from the Museum’s Collection, and acted as hosts for the public. Their work has also toured to venues throughout the country during the Bealtaine Festival.

The programme consists of a combination of free guided tours, talks, events and workshops, providing opportunities for older people to look at artwork, meet artists and make art in response to those experiences.

During the month of May, the Museum programmes events in collaboration with Age and Opportunity and other cultural institutions as part of the annual Bealtaine Festival. See Age and Opportunity’s Bealtaine Festival programme for further details at http://www.olderinireland.ie/

Studio 10 - Art Workshops for older people to explore modern and contemporary art every Friday morning from 10:00am - 1:00pm in Studio10


Related Link: http://www.imma.ie/en/nav_10.htm
author by pat cpublication date Tue Jan 17, 2006 15:01Report this post to the editors

IMMA had over 420,000 visitors last year.

author by jim - radiopublication date Sat Jan 28, 2006 04:14author email justjoe004 at yahoo dot co dot ukauthor address N/Aauthor phone N/AReport this post to the editors

Bring back ENERGY RADIO from their 99.2 days all over Meath!!!

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