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Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link Russian MoD details chronology of Il-20 downing off Syrian coast Sun Sep 23, 2018 15:21 | Scott
Moscow, September 23, 2018 – The Russian Ministry of Defense is revealing a detailed chronology of the downing of a Il-20 plane near the coast of Syria six days ago.

offsite link Naval Eastern Med after Sept 17 SITREP Sat Sep 22, 2018 20:51 | The Saker
Note by The Saker: normally, I would place a SITREP in the SITREP section, but since this event has so many people fired up and since Le Dahu provides such

offsite link Tales Told the Millennians Sat Sep 22, 2018 19:04 | The Saker
by Jimmie Moglia for The Saker Blog Decades are acknowledged historical markers, signaling the birth of a new generation, and the transition between adjacent but different cultural times. Since September

offsite link Putin, Israel and the downed Il-20 (IMPORTANT UPDATE) Fri Sep 21, 2018 05:10 | The Saker
[This column has been written for the Unz Review] Yesterday (Sept 19th), I tried to post a short commentary suggesting that before we jump to conclusions about anything, we ought

offsite link Kevin Barrett speaks about KPFA banning Bonnie Faulkner?s show (MUST SEE!) Fri Sep 21, 2018 02:43 | The Saker
Kevin Barrett speaks about KPFA banning Bonnie Faulkner?s show and the growing trend of media censorship at the 2018 9/11 Truth Film Festival in Oakland, California on September 11, 2018:

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Human Rights in Ireland
News on Human Rights

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Cedar Lounge
For lefties too stubborn to quit

offsite link Damning with faint praise? 12:38 Sun Sep 23, 2018 | WorldbyStorm

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offsite link Sunday and the Week?s Media and other Stupid Statements 08:53 Sun Sep 23, 2018 | guestposter

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****** Submission Deadline for Bus Connects Fri Sept 28th ******
Make a postal submission. Do not use the online survey as it can be manipulated and ignored !

The plan to re-organise the entire Dublin Bus network known as Bus Connects but really should be called Bus Disconnects has a submission deadline of Fri 28th Sept. This plan is a very thinly disguised plan to privatise the service. Already the NTA has given away 10% of the routes to a UK company which last year in the UK was voted the worst rail operator and whose CEO receives €2 million in salary.

The Dublin bus system needs to be greatly improved to be more like something you will find in mainland Europe and this would require most importantly more investment to buy more buses, new routes and increased frequency. It also needs more routes in a series of rings around the city. This plan is not doing any of this. It is NOT increasing any of these factors DESPITE the SPIN in the confusing information form Bus Connects. They say things like there will be a bus every 4 minutes on the A routes. On closer inspection the A routes each go to different areas completely, so 4 A routes means, the frequency for your A bus since you won't be using all 4, is actually 16 mins. But these times are quoted at peak hour. It disguises how they are stretching an under resourced system to do more than it can. The information is purposely mis-leading in order to spin it so that the public thinks what they are being offered is better than it is.

Additionally any area with a Dart or Luas will have significant reductions. The focus will be to serve these but total journey times will be longer and it will force more people on already over-crowded arteries at peak. For lots of people, they will need to take 2 bus or "connections" to get anywhere -even to the city centre especially from further out. This connection into a high speed backbone might work in a place like Netherlands or Switzerland where they have real and proper public transport systems, but will lead to much longer journeys at higher costs in the case of Ireland considering they don't plan to add anything into it and their only interest is to privatise it so that someone can milk the system rather than either a national or non-profit entity that might have public service as its objective. And just to be clear the NTA intends to put all these routes out to tender in the next few years.

Details for Postal Submission to National Transport Authority (NTA)
BusConnects Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign
National Transport Authority
Dun Sceine, Harcourt Lane
Dublin 2
D02 WT20
Note: The cost is the price of a stamp.

See also: Bus Connects Transport Plan Promises Much But Won’t Deliver | The Privatisation Agenda of Bus Connects Will Lead To Bus Disconnects

derry / history and heritage Sunday October 03, 2004 16:56 by Various from Derry

From The Newswire: I don't really think yesterday's march should be described as a commemoration march. Sure, it was held to coincide with the 36th anniversary of the Oct. 5th march that is seen as starting the whole civil rights movement. But the idea for the march came first and then got hooked into the Oct. 5th thing. Basically, the SEA (Socialist Environmental Alliance) was looking for some way of responding to the high level of homophobic attacks in the city and also wanting to do something about racist attacks (there have been verbal attacks in Derry, but no physical ones). We thought we should link these two hate crimes and then thought the obvious thing to do was to call a "civil rights for all" march and link it to the history of civil rights activism in Derry.

We contacted the Rainbow Project and the people there thought it a really great idea. Since three of the organisers of the original 5th Oct march are associated with the SEA - Eamonn McCann, Dermie McClenaghan and Johnny White - they spearheaded the calls for the march. Having decided to make it a civil rights march, it was clear that the demands had to include Seamus Doherty, a republican 'dissident' who is being framed by the PSNI. In fact, his framing is so obvious that even the police ombudsman is suggesting the officer in charge of his case should be prosecuted for 'perverting the course of justice'. The march managed to smoke out Sinn Fein and even the SDLP to support the campaign against this miscarriage of justice. It was great to see something between 700 and 1,000 people march down Shipquay Street in support of gay rights and civil liberties and against racism - in spite of it being a wet and blustery day.


cavan / history and heritage Wednesday September 22, 2004 21:27 by Michael Lynch

Cavan Heritage group, Red Branch Heritage have recently released a heritage report on important archeological sites in a catchment area located in a central area of County Cavan. Cavan County Manager Mr. Jack Keyes received the first copy on Weds 22nd September.

John O’Reilly, chairman of the group, stated that the fifteen-page document has been released in a determined effort to bring forward the important issue of the protection, or lack thereof, being given to archaeological sites in the greater Denn area. The report was compiled by the group over a number of weeks and specifically targeted four sites for special attention. Among these is the Black Pig’s Dyke linear earthworks at Ardkill More Mountain, Carrickaboy - a monument believed to be up to two thousand years old, which has already being damaged by an adjoining quarry. Recently removal of topsoil by the quarry company from a newly acquired area of the mountain has taken place without planning approval from Cavan County Council. According to the report considerable damage has already being caused to the local landscape.

In its summing up the report states: “the quarry site has now become a real eyesore and this extension must not be allowed to continue and the area of this latest unauthorised work should be re-landscaped with soil in order to bring about a renewal of growth. It is time to have a serious look at the long-term future of quarrying at Ardkill More. It is quite clear this site is totally unsuitable for quarrying with regard to its elevated location and the fact that an important archeological site lies in its immediate vicinity. The quarry owners might be encouraged to consider sourcing a more suitable quarry site and phasing out their operations at Ardkill More

Red Branch Heritage secretary Susan Hayes stated that a winding down of the quarrying operation was the only solution to the problems at Ardkill Mountain. While admitting this would cause problems for the company involved in the short term, Miss Hayes said it was the only solution that would guarantee the lasting protection of this national monument.

How could any surveyor view the landscape even as it stands today and say the quarry was not interfering with the character of the local landscape - it’s a total disaster even as things stand and we still haven’t even received a guarantee that the surviving stretch of earthworks will not suffer a similar fate to the two hundred yards destroyed in the past.”

dublin / history and heritage Wednesday June 16, 2004 20:07 by Vincent Salafia

NRA: "The M3 will only impact 2 sites." WAG: "That's funny - I count 28."

From The Newswire: The Anger Strike protest, called by Save Tara Skryne Valley Group, against the National Monuments Bill will continue Thursday morning, at 9.30 am at the Kildare Street entrance to the Dail.

The goal of the campaign is to rally support from the Opposition and Fianna Fail backbenchers, in order to vote down the National Monuments Bill, and formation of a new Governmewnt that will protect Ireland's national heritage at the Hill of Tara, as well as Carrickmines and Waterford.

This morning (Wed 16th June) Trevor Sargent TD (Greens), Eamon Gilmore TD (Labour), and Mary Lou McDonald MEP (Sinn Fein), as well as newly elected Meath County Councillor, Philip Cantwell (Ind) were among politicians who joined the Anger Strike.

A group of approximately 30 campaigners are calling on members of all parties to oppose the bill, to save Ireland's heritage, and to bring down this Government for once and for all. They are hoping that if the Government loses on this Bill, that a general election will have to be called.

Continue at this link for the Full Feature including the reasons why the Save Tara Skryne Valley Group are so angry about the National Monuments Bill.

Previous Indymedia Feature : "Tara Don't Want No Carrickmines"

national / history and heritage Monday April 19, 2004 01:08 by Captain White

Irish Times Chief Executive asks British Government for help in stamping out "unauthorised" material appearing in the paper. "Secret and personal" letter from the British Ambassador details contacts and refers to then Irish Times Editor Douglas Gageby, a Protestant like Major McDowell, as a "renegade white nigger".

Strange things have a habit of appearing on the IMC Ireland newswire late in the evenings and are a sometimes meagre reward for weary unpaid hacks trawling through the daily deletions. This one exceptionally is a stone-cold classic and the image copy of the letter a downright exclusive as far as we can tell. Let us know if somebody else got there first. We now hand you over to 'Captain White'.

For Captain White's full commentary on the letter, a full size cut out and keep version of the letter and a fistful of interesting and provocative letters to the Irish Times Editor on surrounding issues which have remained unpublished just hit the 'feature continues' link below

Update: Jack Lane Slams Irish Times

Update 2: Revealed: Jack Lane's 10 Jan 2003 letter to Geraldine Kennedy

meath / history and heritage Saturday January 31, 2004 16:50 by Vincent Salafia

Statement by Vincent Salafia, Carrickminder, PRO Save Tara/Skryne Valley Campaign on the proposed motorway through Tara.


'All interference with national monuments of Ireland is now presumed illegal and must cease immediately, until the Government has passed valid regulations governing such action. No Ministerial order, or grant of planning permission, authorising interference with a national monument, can be justfiably relied upon.Any attempt to disfigure any national monument, particularly the Hill of Tara, will have to answer to the citizens of Ireland, in their Courts.

The High Court has declared the system regulating destruction of national monuments unconstitutional, since it did not comply with the National Monuments Act, 1930 (as amended). The ‘technical glitch’ mentioned by Judge Kearns referred to the Government’s attempt to dilute the protections contained in Section 14 of the Act, governing Ministerial Consent, not the Act itself.

The 1994 Amendment to the Act, drafted in response to Wood Quay, was designed to avoid the exact scenario we face today at Carrickmines. It required three state agencies to make the important decision to interfere with a national monument. By reducing the requirement to two actors by statutory instrument in 2002 the Government ignored the central democratic principle of checks and balances within the Act. When these two actors failed to perform their duties properly, there was no third actor to check it.

One cannot help but wonder if the drafting of the 2002 statutory instrument was linked to the ‘sudden’ closure of Duchas, The Heritage Service, in 2002? If so, it would appear that our own Government unconstitutionally conspired to dismantle, by stealth, all legal protections for heritage, long before Carrickmines Castle blew up.'

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