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Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Human Rights in Ireland
News on Human Rights

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Cedar Lounge
For lefties too stubborn to quit

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meath / history and heritage Monday July 18, 2005 01:25 by redjade

Hill of Tara (top) clearly visible from M3 construction site in the the Tara-Skryne Valley
More Tara News:
*Co Meath Sinn Féin County Cllr. Joe Reilly (SF) On The M3 Interchange / Debate On Campaign Tactics
*Indymedia Tara Archive
*Upcoming Tara Related Protests
Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin, PRO of Save the Tara-Skryne Valley Group writes:

''Further photographs taken Saturday July 16th show more caterpillar marks on the 15 foot high topsoil grinding down any possible finds that might emerge. The large digger on site has been replaced by a much smaller one but the marks of the caterpillar wheels clearly show that they were caused by a much larger machine. The test trenching report stated that there was an expected “19 century (?) house” on this site and this is carefully marked out on site. But this is not to say that other materials are not hidden in the topsoil of what is recognised as one of the richest archaeological landscapes in Europe.

Most archaeologists agree that 50%-80% of artefacts are found in the topsoil. If another Derry na Flann chalice or a Tara brooch appears there is not much hope of finding it crushed beneath one of these monster machines.

The Minister of Environment has shown that he is no such thing. We have no Minister for Heritage. The Ministry that M.D Higgins so carefully built up has been destroyed, Dúchas is dismantled and the NRA is given responsibility for archaeology. The same NRA along with Meath County Council are completely insensitive to the concerns of the local people over the methodology employed here. Where is the Research Documentation that should accompany such a dig?

Public money is being wasted on this unnecessary excavation. This is not proper research archaeology. This is wanton destruction and vandalism of our most important archaeological, literary, historical and sacred landscape and it must be stopped now.''

meath / history and heritage Monday July 11, 2005 16:12 by tarawatch

From a Concerned Commenteer: The Tara campaign has become quiet of late, and it is time to mobilize public support in a very public way. There has been a need to separate litigation from the Save Tara Skryne Valley Group, in order to ensure protection from liability for the members of the non-incorporated group, who are not taking action, or directly supporting it. However, a strong message needs to be sent to the Government, and to the nation, that the people want the digs stopped. As you have seen, a new survey (PDF here / Methodology here) shows the majority of Irish people are against the route, and thus the excavation of Tara.

On June 14th, the Minister for the Environment, The Attorney General, Meath County Council, and the National Roads Authority will come to the High Court and give their first answer to the legal charges railed against them. Certain procedural determinations will be made that way, on how the case will proceed. One of the main issues, of course, will be whether the authorities will stop work of their own accord, and respect the legal process, or whether they will plough ahead, and the judge will be forced to either issue an order or an injunction. The fact that works are still continuing since the July 4th hearing in the High Court, when leave was granted to review the lagality of the M3 motorway scheme, shows the contempt the authorities have for the law. They must be shown up, for the cultural criminals they are.

A protest will begin outside the High Court on the morning of Thursday 14th July, at 9.00 am. It will continue throughout the day, until the hearing is concluded. The hearing will begin at 11.00 am - and could run into the afternoon.

national / history and heritage Saturday May 14, 2005 14:37 by redjade

No Alternative
But Legal Action

By Vincent Salafia
''The M3 will pass within 1,200 metres of the top of the Hill of Tara. A 52 acre interchange will be clearly visible from the Hill, and over 40 individual archaeological sites within the valley between Tara and sister hill Skryne will be systematically demolished by archaeologists using mechanical diggers. Then the bulldozers will finish the job.

Campaigners are now left with no alternative but to support a legal action that will seek a High Court injunction and judicial review of the Minister's decision.''

The Road to Hell
by Dr. Muireann Ni Bhrolchain
Spokesperson for
The Save Tara/Skryne Valley Campaign

The decision of the Minister of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to give consent to "a programme of archeological works" to proceed "at sites along a section of the proposed M3 motorway" will ensure that for this government the M3 will be the road to hell. This is the worst planning decision that has ever been taken by an Irish government. We will be the laughing stock of Europe and the World. The Minister had the power to protect the monuments in the path of the motorway - instead he has chosen to destroy. To destroy the heart of our premiere sacred, ancient capital. The Minister and the Taoiseach will become the 'Terminators of Tara' if this road goes ahead.

A statement on behalf of Edel Bhreathnach, Joe Fenwick and Conor Newman who have worked on the archaeology, history and literature of Tara since 1991 says: "Today is not only a dark day for Tara, but a dark day for Irish culture". It goes on to say: "This is a shameful decision that will have repercussions far and wide."

Despite warnings from all the experts, the advice given by the Halcrow Barry Route Selection Report and by archaeological companies employed to give the NRA advice the Minister has chosen to plough ahead with this horrific desecration of Ireland's premier sacred site. The Taoiseach and Minister Roche met with myself on April 27th and again I emphasised to them how unadvisable this route was. The new CEO for the NRA met with Edel Bhreathnach and Conor Newman over the past week but again all our arguments fell on deaf ears.

This is but one battle in the war to protect our heritage. The excavations alone could take years and will be an unnecessary expense. But the next step is to take the case to the European Parliament, to go court in Ireland and to the European Court if necessary. The protests will now be escalated far beyond the polite noises that have been made heretofore. We cannot continue to allow this Government to ride roughshod over our cultural heritage.

dublin / history and heritage Thursday May 12, 2005 17:40 by kevin

Moore Street in Dublin is one of the oldest surviving street trading districts in the city. Recently the City Council announced that it was raising the yearly cost of a trading license by roughly 450%, depending on the size of the trader's stall. Some traders pay around 150 euros a year (rising to 750 euros a year) for a smaller stall, such as the fish traders; whereas the flower sellers at the Henry Street junction, because of their location and the area of space they take up, could see their trading license fees rise to over 1500 euros.

All of the traders I spoke to were adamant they would not pay the increase, and a couple said that this measure was just the latest in a long line of attempts to rid the street of the traders by the authorities, short of ordering them off the street which would be far too politically sensitive. Other proposals have been made in the past that would ultimately mean the removal of the traders, such as the idea to have Moore St and Henry St covered with a glass roof (discarded eventually), or the construction of a new hotel and conference centre on the Carlton Cinema site, which would include the demolition of many existing small shops on the east side of the street, and the eventual removal of trading space from the street.

Indymedia's coverage of gentrifaction and Moore Street:
The Corp's Market Study | Save 16 Moore Street. | Photos Of The Site Of The 1916 Insurgents Last Stand | Sale Of The Century? | Save 16 Moore Street. | Photos Of The Site Of The 1916 Insurgents Last Stand | Communication is the Key | Is this the Death of Moore Street

Moore Street and Street Trading On Other Sites:
Lar Boland’s photos of ‘The Hill’ Dublin’s grubbiest flea market, evoke echoes of the grim twilight world of Monto’s slum tenements, deprivation, shebeens, and prostitution for Alan Murdoch from the Irish Arts Review. | Street Trading In Belfast | Dublin Street Traders need not become victims of Rip Off Ireland (Sinn Fein Press Release) | The Legal Side of Street Trading: STREET TRADING ACT, 1926 | CASUAL TRADING ACT, 1980

dublin / history and heritage Saturday April 23, 2005 11:44 by Joe Black

One year ago, on Mayday 2004, the summit of the EU heads of state took place in Farmleigh House in the Pheonix Park. The entire park was filled with surveillance cameras, ringed with fences, draped with barbed wire, buzzed by helicopters, rigged with motion detectors and surrounded with riot police. In the end water cannons were deployed to keep a protestors out of the park

History is normally written by the winners and it is common to find each new generation of radicals having to rediscover the stories of those who went before them. Thus, it is not surprising that many of those who protested last year probably were unaware of the history of battles between radical movements and the state that the park played host to in the past.

While the park hosts many of the symbols of power in Ireland - past and present - from the monument to the arch-reactionary Wellington, to the US-ambassador's residence and the Garda Headquarters, it has also seen its fair share of opposition. The invincibles assasinated the British Secretary there in 1882, it was the site of many early 20th century trade union ralies and the magazine fort in the park was captured at the start of the 1916 rising and was raided again by the IRA in 1939. The phoenix park is, in many ways, a symbolic battleground for the soul of Ireland. In recent years radical movements in Ireland have re-energised Mayday in Dublin. This year, even without the pomp and grandeur of the EU heads of state, a series of radical events are planned to span the weekend. A festival of radical opposition that is once again bubbling to the surface. And once again the Phoenix Park is on the menu.

Mayday Radical Events: Anarchist 1st of May picnic in Phoenix Park | DCTU May Day Demonstration - Solidarity with Migrant Workers including a Get up stand up block to help organise the unorganised | Reclaim the Streets

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History and Heritage

Fri 20 Jul, 08:01

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How Eoghan Harris and Gerry Gregg got it wrong - shot by shot - click for bigger image imageNEW FLAW found in Eoghan Harris / Gerry Gregg RTE TV documentary An Tost Fada (The Long Silence) 10:02 Sat 29 Jul by Tom Cooper 1 comments

A NEW FLAW has been discovered in the Eoghan Harris / Gerry Gregg TV documentary An Tost Fada (The Long Silence)

A 1939 gravestone (& inscription) of a woman was presented as that of man killed in 1921 (who An Tost Fada said was killed in April 1922). See link to original story below.

Original Story of successful complaint:
RTE upholds complaint against Eoghan Harris programme on War of independence

videoLISTEN Irish school girl stuns music world with brilliant charity song Freedom Day 18:32 Tue 05 Jan by Redshoedancer 0 comments

A 16-year-old girl has stunned the music industry in Ireland with a brilliant song called Freedom Day, which highlights the suffering of thousands of children facing poverty and oppression across the world.

Róisin Seoighe won a contest organised by the charity PREDA with a song called Freedom Day. Irish singer Damien Dempsey admitted to being overcome with emotion “because this young song writer truly connected with the plight of the children”.

textThe Famine Pot 17:29 Sat 03 Aug by Mattie Lennon 0 comments

John Cassidy goes global.......... Donegal man John Cassidy is embarking on a unique project.

The following is the story behind it;

In 2011 John found an old famine-pot, broken in pieces, in south Donegal. He had it welded, restored and mounted outside Leghowney Community Hall.

Such was the interest shown by American tourists that he decided to do some research on the whole Famine-pot/Soup–kitchen aspect of the famine and found that because of bigotry, pride, misguided patriotism and inherited false information,this aspect of the potato failure was almost air-brushed from our history.

textLaunch of booklet on the 1913 Alternative Ulster Covenant. 16:09 Tue 09 Oct by J Keegan 0 comments

Public Talk and launch of booklet on the 1913 Alternative Ulster Covenant.

Video of the event at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAof_fzvaIY

imageChé Guevara's daughter to attend All-Ireland Final 14:54 Sat 29 Sep by Simon McGuinness 2 comments

Che Guevara's daughter will be attending the All-Ireland final tomorrow supporting Galway. She is a descendant of both the Lynch and Blake tribes of Galway.

Fascist poster imageAFA remodel fascist posters using Bobby Sands imagery 11:58 Sat 07 May by Bernardo 5 comments

Today, members and supporters of Anti - Fascist action remodeled posters that were put around Dublin city centre, by a tiny far-right Autonomous Nationalist group, to mark the 30th anniversary of Bobby Sands' death.

easter_one_2.jpg imageDundalk Gaol hosts first Easter commemoration since 1928 02:47 Fri 29 Apr by Ciaran C 0 comments

Tonight, Thursday the Dundalk 2016 committee held a moving and extensive Easter commemoration within the wing of Dundalk prison.
The last time such an event was held within the walls was in 1928 when republican POWs and internerees were still being held captive before the Gaols final closure in 1931.

text2011 Battle of Jarama Commemoration 00:23 Sun 13 Mar by remembering 1 comments

The weekend following the Charlie Donnelly commemoration in Tyrone a major Intenational event, commemorating the battle of Jarama, took place in Madrid. This event from the seeds sown by Bob Doyle Seve Montereo Harry Owens Anna Perez and the support of AABI has taken root and grown into the the largest annual International Brigade commemeoration on the calender

What History Ireland said about programme on Tom Barry imagevideoBÓTHAR NA SAOIRSE - TG4 series on Dan Breen, Tom Barry, Ernie O'Malley 23:44 Tue 11 Jan by Eoghan Myers 17 comments

Bóthar na Saoirse (The Road to Freedom) is a trilogy of documentaries on the lives of Dan Breen, Tom Barry and Ernie O’Malley, iconic hardline republicans from the War of Independence.

It begins on Wednesday on TG4 with My Fight For Irish Freedom, Scéal Dan Breen, the colourful and complex South Tipperary guerrilla who started the War of Independence at Soloheadbeg in 1919 on the day the First Dail sat in Dublin. Forced to flee Tipperary he joined Michael Collins’ hit squad in Dublin but then opposed the Treaty negotiated by Collins. Later he joined De Valera’s Fianna Fail and was the first anti-Treaty activist to enter Dail Eireann and take the oath of allegiance he had fought to abolish.

Basque Memory News imageBasque Memory News 02 15:00 Wed 08 Sep by Ahaztuak 0 comments

News from the Basque Country

more >>

textThe Stone Portals and mounds of Ireland Aug 19 by Sergey Smelyakov 0 comments

My dear Irish friends,
Let me introduce the English version of my e-book The Stone Portals devoted to the study of prehistoric Stone artefacts, the first two Chapters (http://www.astrotheos.com/EPage_Portal_HOME.htm) of which I have just posted at my site www.astrotheos.com.
I appeal to you in connection with the fact that much of the material presented in Chapter 2 is devoted to the reconstruction of the prehistoric solar calendar of the Celts, the key days of which are reflected in the festivals (Samhain et al.), and in correlation with the astronomical alignments of the Passage Mounds, and before all – of the Mound of the Hostages, which I analyzed numerically for all the data that I had.
I would not be distracting your attention if the results obtained in relation to precise determining the exact days of these festivals on the alignments of the mounds would not coincide with the same values determined by the astronomical alignment of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, and a number of other stone artefacts as well.
From my point of view, the results obtained could contribute not only to a more complete disclosure of the properties of these passage mounds and the ancient culture of the Celts in general, but also to that that in scientific, administrative, and esoteric circles, much more attention was paid to preserving and study of these remarkable objects.

Good luck,
Prof. Sergey Smelyakov, Doctor of math, PhD

textDid The 1916 Easter Rising Serve The Interests Of Workers? Nov 11 by Patrick Hackett 0 comments

The hullabaloo over the commeroration of the 1916 Rising is merely another device intended to perpetuate the deception of the southern Irish working class. It forms a part of the overall ideological paradigm under which southern Irish workers are to be oppressed and divided from much of the working class in the North.

textDwell Time...A Conversation With Eric Foner Apr 04 by Jeffrey McNary 0 comments

A brief, breezy look at the illustrious history Eric Foner

textMichael Collins - thinking the unthinkable Aug 18 by Nuala 25 comments

In Catholic Ireland in 1922, suicide was the ultimate shame and disgrace, as well as being seen as almost an unpardonable sin, leaving surviving relatives and admirers in anguish at the possible fate of the suicide's soul.

imageIrish Banksy at work Mar 17 by John O'Shea 1 comments

All over Ireland, leprechauns are being found in front of banks and cultural venues in suspected protest over banking crisis or perhaps a protest against St Particks 'plastic paddy' sterotypes?

more >>

textAn Taisce seek Scientific Reasoning behind Heritage Bill Jul 18 An Tasic 0 comments

The Heritage Bill completed its passage through the Oireachtas last night, despite widespread opposition from environmental groups, opposition parties, and concerned citizens and farmers working together with biodiversity.

The Heritage Bill will allow for a relaxation of the dates of the closed period for the burning of vegetation and ‘the cutting, grubbing, removal and otherwise destroying of hedgerows’ contained in Section 40 of the Wildlife Act (1976 and amended 2000)[Note 1] The legislation will allow burning of our upland and lowland hills in March, extending the open period for burning by one month, and for the cutting of roadside hedgerows in August [Note2].

text100th Easter Commemoration Report Mar 28 Republican Sinn Féin Poblachtach - Cork 0 comments

The 100th Easter 1916 Commemoration took place in St. Finbarrs Cemetery on Sunday 27th March.

text95th Annual Clonmult Martyrs Commemoration Report Feb 22 Republican Sinn Féin Poblachtach - Cork 0 comments

The 95th Annual Clonmult Martyrs Commemoration took place in Midleton on Sunday 21st February 2016.

The Commemoration gathered at 2:30pm outside the Courthouse, Main Street, Midleton where a colour party comprising members of the Republican Movement – Cork and Cumann na mBan - Cork assembled.

textCork Cumann na mBan 100 years Anniversary Commemoration Jun 10 Cork - Cumann na mBan 0 comments

The Cork Cumann na mBan 100 years Anniversary Commemoration took place in St. Joseph's Cemetery on Sunday 8th June.

Cumann na mBan, lead the Colour party carrying the Tri-Colour, and flying the Cumann na mBan Cork and Cumann na Cailíni Cork flags.

text98th Easter 1916 Commemoration - Cork Apr 22 Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach - Cork 1 comments

The 98th Easter 1916 Commemoration took place in St. Finbarrs Cemetery on Sunday 20th April.

As 2014 is the hundred anniversary of the foundational of Cumann na mBan, they were given the honour of carrying the Tri-Colour, with another proudly flying the Cumann na mBan flag in the Colour party.

more >>

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