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The Consistency of Senator Eoghan Harris

category national | elections / politics | other press author Friday August 17, 2007 01:08author by Fergus O'Connor

The link is to a piece on the newly-appointed Senator, Eoghan Harris.
It extols his vast political experience from his trenchcoat republican days in Cork to his current senatorial elevation.
The writer of the piece says that Senator Harris' Marxism will be a welcome addition to Seanad Eireann.

Begrudgers and critics, some green with envy, have lambasted An Taoiseach for his appointment of Eoghan Harris to Seanad Eireann.

This piece from Senator Harris' home area outlines his vast political experience and praises his considerable political achievements.

Bertie Ahern is to be congratulated for making such a well-deserved appointment and for moving beyond his own F.F. tribal concerns in naming a Marxist.

The country and the Seanad will now have the benefit of Senator Harris' considerable horsesense.

Senator Harris has announced that he is working with his old comrade, Dr. Roy Johnston, to develop a political platform.

Senator Harris, and Dr. Johnston, founded the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association in 1966.

That they are again back together is a cause of joy to the Irish working class,-North and South.

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