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Succesful blockade of Shell HQ in Dublin

category dublin | environment | news report author Friday May 18, 2007 10:09author by Joe

Dublin Shell to Sea escalated its campaign against Shell’s command centre at Corrib house on Leeson Street with a blockade of all three entrances. After two hours only four Shell employees had been pushed through the blockade by the large force of Gardai on hand.

The action was called to "highlight the incredible theft of our natural resources that totals 51 billion euros in the Corrib field alone" while "each winter, up to 3,000 people die prematurely every year from fuel poverty". Upwards of 45 protesters had assembled with Shell being protected by around 30 Gardai and a number of private security.

Gardai were for the most part well behaved but one Guard probably keen to impress his mates grabbed a protester by the testicles! At one point Shell rewarded the Gardai with small cartoons of orange juice but no doubt they'll try and write that off against tax.

Photos to follow

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