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Photo Essay from 'Pro Cannabis' March

category dublin | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Sunday May 06, 2007 19:06author by J.Carax - WSM - Personal Capacity.

Photos from today's Pro Legalisation of Cannabis March in Dublin City by a non - smoker. : )

Large numbers (500 - 1000?)

Huge amount of observers joined the march.

Rain didn't damper anyone's spirits.





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author by J.Caraxpublication date Sun May 06, 2007 19:15author address author phone







author by J.Caraxpublication date Sun May 06, 2007 19:37author address author phone







author by J.Caraxpublication date Sun May 06, 2007 19:43author address author phone







author by J.Caraxpublication date Sun May 06, 2007 19:46author address author phone

All the best.

As the day was winding up....
As the day was winding up....

author by news junkiepublication date Sun May 06, 2007 20:38author address author phone

Were there Any political party reps on the march? Who were the speakers? I know this is a photo essay but any info would be greatly appreciated.

author by straight ex-smokerpublication date Sun May 06, 2007 20:59author address author phone

No political party gonna risk puttin their ass on the line for a bit of pot (& civil liberty!). It's crazy for cops to bust dope-smokers & MS sufferers when there's serious & violent crime going on - or maybe it's not, from their perspective, as it's easy & low-risk & fills the quota-sheets.

author by Weedypublication date Mon May 07, 2007 00:17author address author phone

The UCD branch of Labour Youth were there with their banner and the chair of Labour Youth spoke at the rally.

I also saw a fair few of the anarchist Workers Solidarity Movement folk.

author by Squirrelpublication date Mon May 07, 2007 01:58author address author phone

This was one of the most enjoyable protests I've been on in a while.

Good sounds from the system,

a whole new set of people (mostly average dubs no dodgy D4 accents),

enthusiastic non jaded vibe,

very few of the usual suspects (except for libertarians and labour youth fair play to yis all),

no parties peddling their papers

a great reaction from the onlookers on O'Connell Street.

and a night out laid on afterwards

Proper order bring on the next one.

Massive congrats to the organisers!!!!!

author by ItsJustMepublication date Mon May 07, 2007 19:45author address author phone

This turned out to be a great event... Much more work was put into this
than any previous events (which were considered as a joke) that were held...

It's great to see that the amount of us that turned up was enough to get peoples
attention,, passers by looked on without pouring scorn on the whole event...
The Garda even seemed to take a "very" lax approach to things,, which was a good thing...

All in all,, an excellent event and hopefully the first of what will be an ongoing annual event
that will gather more momentum for the cause in the future...
Thanks to EVERYONE that showed there support... :-)

author by Corkpublication date Tue May 08, 2007 02:17author address author phone

excellent work, on behalf of the other half million in ireland who couldnt be there id like to say im sorry i couldnt be there

author by smoking chefpublication date Tue May 08, 2007 15:16author address author phone

Just wanna say well done to everyone involved.
I will be there next year,

Smoking Chef.

author by Gerry Dalypublication date Fri May 11, 2007 20:30author address author phone

Thing is if you have a job for a multinational, own your own busines, or are a professional being photographed at the protest could seriously affect your ability to repay your mortgage.

For every protestor that was there there is a 100 more who either couldnt make it to Dublin or couldnt be seen there. Congratulations to all involved.

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