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Fox hunters making life misery for Irish farmers

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | press release author Wednesday April 22, 2015 12:15author by Against Fox hunting Report this post to the editors

Fox hunters are making life a complete misery for farmers in Ireland. They trespass on their lands, rip up fields of crops, destroy fencing, spread disease, and scatter flocks and herds in all directions as they stampede across farm boundaries, heedless of the damage they cause. Farmers Against Foxhunting and Trespass (FAFT) is campaigning for a ban on fox hunting in Ireland and upholds the right of all landowners to refuse permission to hunts that want to bully their way onto their lands. Last week, FAFT mounted a demo outside IFA HQ in Dublin to highlight the conflict of interest in the IFA's use of a helpline solicitor who happens to have a long high profile association with foxhunting. Also, the demo drew attention to the plight of two County Kilkenny farmers who have been subjected to a horrific ordeal of harassment and intimidation by fox hunters.
farmers protest against foxhunting and harrasment by hunts
farmers protest against foxhunting and harrasment by hunts

'Conflict of interest': Farmers call for removal of IFA's helpline solicitor

A group of farmers staged a protest last week outside the IFA headquarters to express their anger in relation to an IFA helpline solicitor who they say supported the Kilkenny foxhunt and gave evidence on behalf of the hunt's chairman in a defamation case.

The case, taken by two Kilkenny farmers in 2013, made national headlines at the time (see links below) and resulted in them being awarded €30,500 in damages, which to-date have not been paid.

In a statement - the brothers, both members of the Irish Farmers Association - say they have asked the IFA on numerous occasions to intervene on their behalf to get the damages paid and to replace the IFA's helpline solicitor because of what they contend is a conflict of interest, in that he supports the Kilkenny hunt, has taken part in its hunts and appeared in court on behalf of the hunt in the defamation case, while his job in the IFA is to advise farmers and help them resolve legal issues, including damage by hunts to farm property.

The brothers were defamed by the chairman of the Kilkenny Hunt who referred to them as a “pair of paedophiles” during a hunt in November 2004. The brothers had video evidence of the defamation, and won their case, having been awarded damages and costs.

See links below to national newspapers on the case below:…/brothers-awarded-defamation-dam……/brothers-get-30k-over-paedop……/head-of-oldest-hunt-denies-call…

fox hunters making life a misery for farmers and animal alike
fox hunters making life a misery for farmers and animal alike

farmers following courtcase at Kilkenny Circuit Court
farmers following courtcase at Kilkenny Circuit Court

author by Need to control hunt pestspublication date Wed Apr 22, 2015 20:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Talk about pest control. Hunters are the biggest pests for farmers. They do more damage than liverfluke and all the other diseases and parasites put together. Even bad weather is nothing beside a fox hunt invaded your farm and destroying your whole livelihood in front of disbelieving eyes. I've seen hunters laughing and sneering from their horses as their hounds ripped cats and small dogs to pieces in farmyards. I'd ban them from all farmland, permanently.

Foxhunting and farming don't mix...
Foxhunting and farming don't mix...

author by Billypublication date Thu Apr 23, 2015 20:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hunting benefits the countryside. Foxes are predators and slyly attack lambs and chickens. They are regarded as a pest by farmers. Farmers welcome the annual canter of hunts across their lands as they feel that the hounds are keeping down the numbers of foxes. Other predators which attack livestock include wild mink. A certain number of foxes are run down late at night by motor traffic. So also are badgers. In some woodland areas of the country wild deer can be a danger to life when they suddenly dart across roads in the early hours of the morning. People with licensed guns should be allowed to cull wild deer during a closed season each year.

author by earthlingpublication date Thu Apr 23, 2015 23:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

by your argument, a cull of pet dogs would be "good for the countryside" because
they kill a lot more lambs and chickens per year than foxes.

And since when are lambs and chickens part of the natural countryside.
They are just human food animals grown in captivity.

Humans make up any kind of auld shite to rationalise their enjoyment of
pursuing and killing poor defenceless animals for fun.

Face it you are just another primitive bullying scumbag who enjoys killing for fun.

You need to evolve!

author by Rational Ecologistpublication date Fri Apr 24, 2015 12:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Pursuing and killing an animal to eat it and use it's carcass is natural; however, the chasing of an animal for fun is barbaric and unnecessary. Factory farming is far nastier than hunting.
It's not simple; not black and white.
I HATE foxhunting, and so do a lot of farmers(land industrialists).
There's not much woodland in Ireland-a fair bit of monocrop plantation though.

author by earthlingpublication date Fri Apr 24, 2015 15:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Actually it is simple.

We have the ability to choose whether to unnecessarily harm another living being for fun or not.
We also have the ability to choose to eat things other than meat, since alternative options are available.
Yet we still choose to endorse both factory farming and hunting.
and the former on an industrial scale.

What does that say about us?

We need to evolve!

author by Greenmanpublication date Sat Apr 25, 2015 13:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If farmers and or land owners do not want The Hunt or Hunters to enter their lands all they have to do is declare it to be a Nature Reserve , few notices about the place, notify the master of the local hunt, plus an option is to put a small advert in the local newspaper. Problem solved.

author by Anti Huntpublication date Tue Apr 28, 2015 02:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Deliberately tormenting an animal and subjecting it to a slow, agonising death benefits nobody....not the animal. Not the countryside...not even the sad people who arrange these deranged festivals of cruelty because it debases them as human beings. Foxhunting is not about "pest control". It's about sadism and people getting pleasure from torturing an animal to death. Likewise hare coursing and carted stag hunting, the latter perversion now thankfully banned In Ireland.

Related Link:
author by Mike Novackpublication date Thu Apr 30, 2015 16:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Let's pretend for just a moment I conceded your point "Hunting benefits the countryside. Foxes are predators and slyly attack lambs and chickens. They are regarded as a pest by farmers." HOW would you get from that (that the farmer wanted the foxes effectively hunted) to this "Farmers welcome the annual canter of hunts across their lands as they feel that the hounds are keeping down the numbers of foxes."

A large pack of dogs followed by a horde on horseback is NOT a reasonable, effective, efficient way to reduce the fox population. Would clearly cause much more damage toi a farming operation than predation by foxes.

OK, I live here, not in Ireland, but I live in the country, perhaps wilder country than you have in Ireland. One dog, one man, and a shotgun is a reasonable way to go after foxes if what you are trying to do is reduce fox population.

Of course since I live in a less devastated environment, it is rather hard for me to picture a fox (a 10-20# canid) as a very serious predator. Could it be that the reason you do is that long ago you exterminated all predators larger*? Sure a fox might go after a chicken if not enough voles. But around here we have to consider:

eastern "coyote" (genetics mostly red wolf)
and while they haven't returned to my area except for stray far wandering adolescent males, grey wolf and cougar.

* The traditional "fox hunting" method clearly developed from earlier wolf hunting where using a large pack of dogs and running them down on horseback not quite as silly.

author by Neilpublication date Fri Jul 10, 2015 14:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I so hate the old excuses

1) Population Control. Bit of misnomer really. The natural countryside will take care of it's self. What you really mean is make the countryside fit with human habitation which is entirely different. Any way if there are far better and more cost effective methods to do it than a large group of people on horse back and a large pack of dogs marauding around the countryside after 1 fox.

2) Hunting provides employment, jobs will be lost if it is banned. You can still use the paraphernalia and resources required for a hunt and apply it to drag hunting.

The only reason they hunt is because they get a trill out of it plain and simple. And here is were I and many more have a problem. Taking joy in the torture and ultimate death of another animal, finding fun in seeing a defenseless creature being torn limb from limb is very, very wrong. If you find this is what you need to have fun you really should take a long hard look at yourself.

Many other barbaric traditions have disappeared, it's about time this did too.

author by Billypublication date Sat Jul 11, 2015 06:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Farmers are worried about the safety of chickens and other defenceless creatures which sly foxes are continually targeting. Motorists driving home in the early hours of the morning are continually being endangered by wild deer darting out on to the roads from adjoining woodland. Something has got to be done. Misplaced sentimentality about wild animals doesn't help.

author by Ruapublication date Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There is nothing of value in the ''sport'' of fox hunting....If i came from another planet to tell you there is a group of rich elites that dress up in victorian outfits to prance around on horses to kill and rip apart defenceless foxes limb from limb - you would say these people are sadists...

And thats exactly what they are,its an elitist sport,one of cruel blood lust for a defenceless creature,its not even a sport that has a level playing field the foxes are holed out of their dens by teams of blood hound dogs and beagles,one fox versus a team of hunting dogs specifically trained for this task,the fox doesnt know what has hit him/her,the fox may have young cubs - of course these young cubs perish as a result of losing their mother,or if a male is killed thats it for the breeding season for the females nearby.

This isn't about population control,that is completely bogus..The fox numbers if you read online or on twitter are in decline due to to these cruel hunters,the only population that is untamed and out of control is the human population,before talking about culling animals to control numbers,we should look at ourselves first!

This is disgraceful!

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